New York – Students and parents will struggle this week against the closure of a secondary school in the Bronx with a large Hispanic population.

The Alfred E. Smith High School is the only school designated as Career and Technical Education in the South Bronx.

The center offers courses in technical studies such as automobiles, construction and carpentry for their students, most of them Hispanic.

In the city, only 30 schools with CTE designation.

The Alfred E. Smith has 1.086 pupils of whom 91% are men. 61% of students are Hispanic and 35% are African American, according to the latest data on the website of the Department of Education.

The city has announced the closure of 20 schools for their poor academic performance. The city announced its plan to close Smith last week along with two other schools, the Monroe Academy for Business / Law in the Bronx and the School of Business, Computer Applications and Entrepreneurship in Queens.

The department did not respond to calls from this newspaper. However, an email distributed among reporters for the department said Alfred A. Smith has had a graduation rate below 50% in recent years.

In the email, the department also noted that the attendance rate was very low at this school (77% last year) and has not been high demand for school.

The school received a grade of “C” in its annual assessment of the city during the past three years.

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