Among the advantages of private schools, we can mention:

Space for non-traditional subjects:
The curriculum of private schools is planned by its managers. Here are the ones who decide what subjects will be taught. Although basic education should respect the state plan can add special content in the plans. The principals, teachers and administrators of private schools tend to give a privileged place for art, in teaching knowledge and skills. Therefore, its programs offer more options in this area that a public school. Public schools have a limited budget to devote to art, unlike private schools that prefer to separate a greater percentage of budgets to the promotion of artistic talents and skills.

Extracurricular activities:
A considerable amount of school fees is used to carry out special programs that do not correspond to the daily school routine. In a public school does not perform such activities.

Private schools organize trips, camps, cultural tours, etc., which complement and give a hint to the contents pragmatic classwork. They also allow children to interact with each other and to build friendships.

Preparing for College Entrance:
The contents taught in class have the firm intention of preparing students for admission to college with excellent academic standards. Furthermore, these institutions provide vocational students.

A place dedicated to community service:
Private schools tend to give extreme importance to the development of ethical principles and personal values. And a handy way to instill those values is the student organizing solidarity activities to support the community.

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