Make a school, it costs much less than you think. Number of public institutions or universities is rather “cheap”.  If the curriculum of engineering and business displays high fees, there are ways to lower the note.
Upscale courses at lower costs

From 6.000 to 9.000 € per year for tuition … Inaccessible, large schools pay? It is the opinion of many students and their families. Especially since the state grants provide only token support to students enrolled in private (read “What public support can you expect?” in the same folder). But do not throw in the towel too soon. All colleges have set up systems to help convince the most reluctant. And you will be among lucky recipients lot easier than you think. For the assessment of “social criteria” … remains very concerning. While the rate of stock CROUS (regional center of academic work and school) is only 11% of ME (School Management) Lyon, 6% at ESSEC (Ecole Superieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales) and 3% HEC [1], The rate of students receiving aid to finance their schooling in these schools, 41%, 45% and 29%!
The awards “home”: true exemptions

To help the least advantaged students, each institution has its formula “home”. Solidarity funds allow scholars CROUS or other students in need to receive a partial exemption of tuition, from 500 € per year. Others, such as SOMA (Catholic School of Arts and Crafts) Lyon, ESCOM (Ecole Superieure de Chimie organic and inorganic) Cergy-Pontoise, the ICAM (Institut Catholique d’Arts et Metiers), or Reims Management School, based on the companies, through their foundations to fund scholarships. The criteria for setting these awards are generally social, but academic excellence can be a weighty argument. The ESCP-EAP (European School of Management, Paris) grants and scholarships based on merit, on criteria of excellence. In ESIEA (College of Computer, electronics, auto) Ivry-sur-Seine, engineering students are eligible for merit scholarships for mobility (preparing for a double degree) that are granted only in accordance with academic criteria. The awards “house” and provide significant aid, up to a total exemption from annual fees. ESC (Business School) Amiens fee waiver for the first year fellows from the preparatory classes. ESC Montpellier ESC Dijon grant awards called “merit” or “excellence” providing tuition for the entire curriculum. However, these total form exemptions of scholarships are not the norm. “This is not our policy,” said Jacques Chaniol, director of ESC Tours-Poitiers. There is always an element of fees borne by the student, although it may be very low. ”

Landing a job with flexible hours in school

To support a large part of its curriculum, or all better bet on a scholarship, then one or two years of learning. Finally, a handful students having access to any of the existing devices are sometimes offered by their school jobs in timetables or “tutoring”. In other words, the possibility of working hours per week in one of the services of the school (center or point home …) for remuneration. This formula has courses such as the ESC Rennes and Clermont, School of Management of Normandy and several engineering colleges of FESIC (Federation of colleges of engineering and management).

Payment facilities

When all cases were considered unsuccessful, there are still other aid granted in dribs and drabs. But beware: it is no longer there exemptions, but payment facilities. Sooner or later you will pay … This is the case of loan honor from school – 0 rate, repayable on terms custom. Some institutions such as ECAM finally modulate their tuition based on family income, while others, as Bordeaux School of Management, establish financial plans tailored to the students concerned with, for example the timing of payments. Subscription to a bank loan is the most common financing solution. However: many families resent the idea of debt for sums can be considerable. “Personally, I had not the ideal profile for a bank loan, estimated Sereen student at ESC Montpellier. The banks prefer students who have parents with a stable job and who are not earning the minimum wage … It must also be put in place a youth who says he will start his life with debts! “

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