It is extremely important that within the family relationship is taken into account of financial education, so that make your children learn to manage their monetary assets. Financial education teaches you that you should not spend more than it earns

One of the best ways to get rich is to save, and better way to do is teaching the habit in your own family. If in a family learns to live with, you can take to reach a future standard of living is much better. It is inappropriate for your kids to get used to luxury that you can not always meet; this can create problems of competence in children. It is important that we all learn not to spend more than they earn.

One concept that I read recently on financial education in children is that they should be taught to make money on it, or perhaps in greater proportion to what should be taught to spend.

Spending is easy, you only need the money, but money is limited as is also required to make something that is not so simple: learning to spend wisely.

They say a major cause of the existence of a vast majority people in debt lack of financial education with respect to value, earning and spending money.

Many parents gave their teenage children credit cards completely emptied and the father had to pay, specialized to their children about spending money irresponsibly, though not educated to earn it, today the country is an example of commercialism and long-term debt.

Tips on using credit cards:

It’s exciting and modern walking a credit card in your wallet, but it is advisable to learn to use it.

Do not withdraw money from your credit card:

This is one of the worst things you can do. Make money with a credit card is paid up to 18% interest on the money withdrawn. Cards of fair use if not better, it means that you do not live a day and credit, do not use them but if you do, you save almost 40 € a year for maintenance fees on each card.

Take your children on holiday without wasting money is part of financial education:

The holiday is an ideal time for saving, but if you can not emphasize that saving does not mean wasting money. Therefore, some issues such as food or out at night while enjoying the holidays should be taken into account.

Food is essential, and ideally not be wasted buying products rapidly, as cold cuts or sausages. It is best to do a diet rich in fruits, and foods that are far more lasting in time and not wasted. With regard to outputs, it is best to divide the money and leave with a specified amount, which is usually our total divided by the nights that we are on vacation. In this way we ensure that we will not remain without money until the last day.

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