What is a residual income?
Residual income is income that lasts. Mean that there must work all their lives to earn money. With a little effort, you can sit at home and let the money come to you. The Internet is one of the fastest growing markets for different types of businesses. Imagine that consumers can appeal to almost anywhere in the world. There are many payment options available. Regardless of the country in which there will always be an opportunity for you.

Then there are some ideas you can implement to earn residual income online from build a profitable site:

1. Design and write e-books. You can get more profits if you publish it. However, there are certain advantages in letting the publishers of his book deal. Know more places to locate them because they have more experience. Electronic books are easy to download. Only create one and anyone can download it, provided they are signed or that they have paid. Of course, you must follow certain procedures, how to get an ISBN for publication.

2. Design downloadable learning tools like CDs. If you are an expert in something and wants to share his experience to educate people, then you can create a CD. You can do a class where people learn to hear his voice, and may charge them for it. If you like consumers, they will return.

3. Design a blog that is maintained by the advertisements. Type anything that interests you. You can also create links from your blog to other programs that offer traffic. One example is the Google adsence, which has easy to obtain an account and achieved worldwide. You will be paid for any click happens in the advertising of your blog. The amount of pay varies according to type of advertising display. Always keep in mind to click their own advertising is a violation. If the company suspects that you are doing this automatically, it will shut down your account.

4. Join affiliate programs. Design a site that might help their members to campaign. Can visit different affiliate links, and some of them are free.

5. Design a virtual magazine. You can make people subscribe, participate in the forums and submit articles for you. You can publish monthly, biweekly or whenever.

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